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Based on the concept of organic and healthy life, the Group is committed to the development of modern agriculture, especially organic agriculture. It has formed an organic agricultural industrialization development model integrating organic production materials, organic farm construction, organic agricultural product processing and sales. The group has built more than 200 acres of organic planting bases in Songjiang, Shanghai, and has reserved about 10,000 hectares of land in North America, Oceania and Europe to develop organic agriculture.
Organic agriculture is a concept, and it is a business that needs constant persistence. For the health of mankind and the future of the earth, the Group will take health and organic as its own responsibility and promote industrialization as its development. It is preferred to use natural pastures and woodlands, with its unique natural advantages and characteristic ecological environment as the main landscape to create a unique eco-tourism system.



Huaying Manor
Shanghai Huaying Manor is located in Yejing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, covering an area of about 200 acres, of which about 50 acres of water surface. Based on the “Great America Songjiang”, the manor is a holiday and leisure section around Shanghai, with obvious regional advantages. The theme of the manor is water garden, rural landscape and leisure vacation. After more than ten years of efforts, it has been integrated into the beautiful scenery and humanities.
More than 120 kinds of trees have been planted in the park, and a large number of ginseng, willow, crape myrtle, sweet-scented osmanthus, camphor tree and so on have been planted. The manor has fresh air and beautiful scenery. It is a complete wetland landform around Shanghai, attracting a large number of birds. The manor has a vegetable production base, a solar greenhouse and a greenhouse, organic vegetables, dried and fresh fungi, organic miscellaneous grains, and free-range eggs. Due to abundant water resources and fertile soil, it has a unique natural flavor for the production of organic food products. condition.
Huaying Manor




Lisbon, Portugal Farm
Located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, Portugal's Lisbon Farm is one of the most beautiful and rich land in continental Europe. Its capital, Evora, is one of the most desirable cities for many European travelers. It is known as Portugal's “California”. The climate is hot and dry, it is the hottest wine region in Portugal, the home of Portuguese cork, and the home of the Portuguese Iberian ham (Presunto).
The farm is located around Évra, covering an area of about 1,500 hectares. There are rivers and valleys in the territory. The southeast part is flat and the northwest is hilly. It is suitable for hunting and planting. There are hundreds of wild red deer and sika deer, and dozens of wild boars. The head is also a hunting paradise for traditional hares, donkeys and pigeons.
The park is full of oak, softwood, olive, vine, and traditional Portuguese spice crops, lavender, wild strawberry trees and other cash crops.
Lisbon, Portugal Farm